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Aggressive Protection of Your Rights

Criminal Defense Lawyer in Boise, Idaho

When you are in trouble with the law, you need someone on your side that gets it. You need a lawyer who has been in the trenches and won. I want to talk to you, sort out what really happened, and work with you to find the best way through a bad situation. My goal, from the first time we sit down and talk, is to change the game so that we are in control and can see a way out.

Please contact me, attorney Gerald Bublitz, if you are trying to save your future and get the best outcome you can when facing criminal charges, from drug possession or drug sales to allegations you have committed an assault or a sex crime. I practice in Idaho state and federal courts, with a concentration on the Boise and Caldwell areas, including Canyon and Ada counties.

Whatever criminal challenge you are facing, I will provide a free consultation. Whatever life-changing consequences are confronting you, we will work together toward an outcome you can live with. The authorities do make mistakes — from key procedural errors to arresting the wrong person — and I am committed to finding and using all evidence in your favor.

Experience and a Competitive Drive You Can Depend On

I will align my criminal defense effort with your priorities, looking first for holes in the prosecution's case and evidence that could enable a dismissal or acquittal. You can count on a vigorous defense, a defense strategy that uses all the legal angles available, and a lawyer who maintains focus on what matters to you.

As a former prosecutor, I have insight into that side of the equation and know when and how to negotiate for reduced charges. As a former special operations soldier in the military, I stay calm under pressure and keep my sights trained on your best interests.

Whether you are charged with a drug crime, domestic violence, theft, a serious traffic matter such as DUI or another type of offense, I want to help. Please take a positive step for yourself and those who care about you by calling or contacting me online today.

  • State v. Mendoza: Felony Aggravated Assault, Felony Weapon Enhancement
    After a two day trial, it took the jury one hour to find him NOT GUILTY.
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  • State v. Williamson: Domestic Battery
    Prosecutor offered a reduce charge of disturbing the peace, but Mr. Bublitz and his client declined the offer. Mr. Williamson should never have been charged! NOT GUILTY
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  • State v. Cox: Felony Cocaine Possession
    Took it to jury trial and jury returned a verdict of NOT GUILTY. State couldn't prove that Mr. Cox knew that cocaine was in his pocket.
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