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Drug Manufacturing

Boise, Idaho Drug Crimes Defense Attorney

If you have been arrested and charged with any level of drug offense in Idaho, the skill and dedication of your criminal defense lawyer may make a critical difference in the outcome. If the charges involve attempted or actual manufacturing of methamphetamine, or other offenses classified as felony drug trafficking, your future is definitely on the line. A conviction for drug manufacturing can mean a life sentence.

Please contact me, drug crimes defense lawyer, Gerald Bublitz, today to discuss your situation and legal options in a free consultation. I have handled numerous state and federal drug cases, attaining acquittals, dismissals or reduced consequences for many of my clients.

Meth Lab Cases - Marijuana Cultivation - Other Felony Drug Charges

I am a former prosecutor with a military background, now focused exclusively on criminal defense. Because of the seriousness of drug manufacturing, cultivation and trafficking charges, you may have little to lose by fighting the charges and going all the way to a jury trial, and I am equipped and ready to do just that.

In your drug manufacturing or cultivation case, I will investigate and scrutinize every aspect of the investigation and arrest, including:

  • Any potential issues with how the police or DEA agents gained entry to the premises, such as the lack of a valid search warrant
  • The use of confidential informants (CIs) whose credibility and motives can be attacked in court
  • Questions about your actual involvement or ownership interest in the methamphetamine lab or marijuana plants the authorities found

Pursuing All Legal Angles to Preserve Your Future

Whereas some lawyers may look immediately for any plea bargain opportunity, I always look for grounds to fight the charges. At the same time, you need to take all possible steps that may position you for more lenient treatment by the courts, and I can help with that as well. How your case is handled will remain up to you, but you will have honest, determined guidance and representation every step of the way.

Aggressive drug crime defense is a central focus of my law practice. When you contact my Boise law office about your representation, you can count on straight talk and empathy along with an absolute commitment to protecting your rights.