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Drug Sales, Trafficking and Smuggling

Boise, Idaho Defense Lawyer for Felony Drug Charges

Drug laws are strict and complex, and they are enforced by a range of zealous and aggressive authorities. It is not uncommon for people who have drugs, such as marijuana or cocaine, for personal use or sharing among friends, to be arrested and charged with intent to deliver or drug trafficking. A conviction on felony charges like these can bring years in prison, huge fines and other extremely harsh consequences.

If you are facing drug charges in the Boise, Caldwell, Nampa or elsewhere in Idaho, please contact me drug defense attorneyGerald Bublitz. I offer honest, productive counsel, beginning with a free consultation, as well as aggressive defense against charges ranging from marijuana or other drug possession to federal trafficking or manufacturing.

Drug Sale and Trafficking Convictions Bring Long Prison Sentences

Please take your situation seriously and move quickly. In Idaho, being caught with more than 28 grams of cocaine, for example, brings a drug trafficking charge regardless of whether any sales or intent to sell can be proven. Penalties for a conviction start with a mandatory three-year prison term.

Many people are shocked at the sentences they can receive for having what they consider a modest amount of marijuana, methamphetamine or of a prescription drug like Vicodin or OxyContin. With penalties so severe and life-changing, it is essential to work with a lawyer determined to attack your case by examining and pursuing:

  • The legality of your traffic stop or any potentially illegal search and seizure that led to your arrest
  • Other law enforcement irregularities or over-steps that may lead to a motion to suppress evidence against you
  • All opportunities to negotiate reduced consequences such as withheld judgment - and proactive steps we can take to negotiate for leniency if the case against you is strong

2008: United States v. Almarez: Federal Drug Trafficking, and Conspiracy to Traffic in Methamphetamine
Federal Government conducts a methamphetamine sting operation for approximately six months. 17 individuals were arrested, but only 1 man walked away. Mr. Bublitz's client was implicated by a DEA Agent for setting up a controlled buy. Mr. Bublitz's client claims it wasn't him on the day in question. We had the audio sent to a voice recognition expert out of Virginia and ultimately Mr. Bublitz got the United States of America to Dismiss the charge for lack of evidence.

To learn more about my cases successes in jury trials, click here.

Committed, Proven Defense in Your Best Interests

My mission is to protect your freedom and future by using every strategy and technique available. I have achieved positive outcomes for my clients in high-stakes drug cases, including acquittals in jury trials and dismissals in federal court. These cases have involved a range of substances and circumstances, including DEA "stings" and related conspiracy charges, felony charges based on questionable evidence and more.

Whatever drug charges you are facing, and whatever your history, I encourage you to contact my drug defense law firm today for a straightforward discussion about your options and what can be done.