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Burglary and Robbery

Boise, Idaho, Attorney for Burglary and Robbery Charges

When you have been accused of burglary or robbery, you deserve a vigorous defense. You deserve someone who will fight hard to save your freedom and future prospects.

I — Gerald Bublitz — am a focused and determined criminal defense lawyer who does not hesitate to take action to protect my clients' rights. Since focusing my Boise, Idaho, law practice almost exclusively on criminal law, I have achieved numerous case successes. My track record shows a lawyer with a strong commitment to justice and keeping the zealous Idaho police in check with the willingness to take a case all the way through a jury trial when necessary.

I represent people accused of both burglary or robbery in Idaho state courts:

  • Burglary: Burglary is charged when you have been accused of entering a house, room, apartment or other structure with the intent to commit theft or any other felony. If you are found guilty, you can face one to ten years in prison.
  • Robbery: Robbery is the taking of personal property directly from another person against his will, by use of force or fear. It is punishable by five years to life in Idaho state prison.

Contact Me

If you have been accused of burglary or robbery, I am prepared to thoroughly investigate your case, negotiate it on your behalf and take it to jury trial if necessary. You can turn to me for an aggressive and resourceful criminal defense. To discuss your legal issue and defense options, call me anytime at 208-344-5500 or send an e-mail today. Initial consultations are free and confidential.