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Assault and Battery

Boise, Idaho, Defense Lawyer Handling Assault and Battery

I am a focused, determined criminal defense lawyer with life experience enabling me to understand the many factors that can lead to a physical altercation. Being charged with assault, battery or another violent crime does not make you guilty. However, facing such charges without a lawyer may keep you from ever proving otherwise - or from getting the second chance you deserve after a mistake.

Whether you are facing a charge arising from alleged domestic violence, a fight in an Idaho bar, or a disagreement at a party that led to use of a weapon, I am prepared to listen to your side of the story and find the best way to approach your defense. For a free consultation with a proven trial lawyer, please contact assault defense attroneyGerald Bublitz.

Felony and Misdemeanor Defense - Domestic Violence Allegations - Weapons Crimes

I am willing to pursue all angles in seeking an acquittal or dismissal of the assault or battery charge against you, based on knowledge and a thorough investigation. You can turn to me for resourceful, assertive defense against charges such as:

  • Misdemeanor assault or simple battery, which may involve threats or minor injuries
  • Domestic assault, domestic battery, spousal abuse or attempted strangulation
  • Felony charges such as aggravated assault or aggravated battery, which may include a shooting, stabbing or other use of a weapon with the intent to cause traumatic injury
  • Weapons possession charges
  • Offenses charged as gang-related crimes

2008: State v. Meeks: Battery
Mr. Meeks was at home when he heard pounding coming from down below in another apartment. He went down there to see what the noise was when according to the victim, Mr. Meeks struck him. Mr. Meeks admitted to hitting the victim, but only after the victim struck him in the arm with his hammer. The officer did not believe Mr. Meeks version of events and nor did the State. We called in the physicians assistant who treated Mr. Meeks for his injuries and she verified that his injury was consistent with being struck with a hammer. Mr. Meeks argued self-defense and the jury found him NOT GUILTY.

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You may be a victim of a false accusation, exaggeration or mistaken identity. Perhaps race entered into your case, or someone has accused you because of a grudge or desire for revenge. Whether this is your first arrest or you already have a criminal record, I encourage you to call me for straight talk about what can be done to protect your future.