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Attempted Strangulation

Attempted Strangulation Defense in the Boise, Idaho, Area

Idaho is one of several states with a law on the books to specifically address attempted strangulation of a "family or household member" - most often a spouse or person with whom the accused has a dating or sexual relationship. This is a felony charge that can be punishable by up to 15 years in prison - and it can be one of several serious charges brought in a case of alleged domestic violence.

If you are facing a charge of attempted strangulation, bringing out the truth and avoiding a lengthy prison term may be difficult. Call a tenacious defense attorney like me, Gerald Bublitz. I dig into cases and fight tenaciously for my clients. For a free consultation focused on your problem and legal options, please call or contact my criminal defense law firm as soon as possible.

Sometimes a Shocking Charge - Always Potential for Serious Consequences

It is not uncommon for people to be shocked that an attempted strangulation charge has been brought against them after what could be viewed as a minor domestic dispute. Actual choking may not have occurred at all. However, it is becoming more common for police to level and pursue this charge. They know what you may not; for example:

  • Evidence of any contact with the alleged victim's neck with your hands - such as bruises or scratches - can be used to pursue this charge
  • Intimidated by the prospect of a lengthy prison term, some defendants are much more likely to plead guilty to a lesser, but still serious, charge such as domestic assault or domestic battery

2008: State v. Kolenic: Felony Attempted Strangulation
Mr. Kolenic was at home with his daughter when his live in girlfriend claimed that he choked her and strangled her. She called the police and Mr. Kolenic was arrested. The State refused to offer a misdemeanor, so we took it to trial. Defense offered numerous witnesses on how the victim was not trustworthy and how Mr. Kolenic is a peaceful person. After Mr. Bublitz caught the victim in numerous lies on the stand, the jury returned a verdict of NOT GUILTY.

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The consequences of a felony conviction go far beyond a potential prison sentence into the loss of basic rights and severe limitations on your future life prospects. All domestic violence charges must be taken seriously for these same reasons along with a domestic violence's impact on your family situation.

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