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Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer: Boise, Idaho

Domestic violence occurs in all kinds of neighborhoods and affects all kinds of people. While I would never minimize the seriousness of this problem, I know from experience as a former prosecutor and active defense attorney that many domestic disputes result in questionable outcomes - from arresting the wrong person to unduly harsh criminal charges.

Our laws are comprehensive and flexible enough to prosecute you whether or not anyone was injured in your domestic altercation. If injuries did occur, the threshold for charging you with felony domestic battery is fairly low. One thing is certain: you need a lawyer to challenge every aspect of the prosecution's case and protect your best interests. Please contact me, Gerald Bublitz, anytime to request a free consultation.

Serious Representation When Your Basic Rights are in Jeopardy

If someone reports a domestic disturbance or anyone in a household complains that they have been abused or threatened, the probability is extremely high that an arrest will be made and charges filed. As someone accused of spousal abuse or other violence in the home, some of the charges and consequences you can face include:

  • Misdemeanor domestic assault or battery charges - or an even more serious charge such as felony domestic battery or attempted strangulation
  • Jail or prison time or other severe, life-changing penalties
  • Loss of your right to own or possess a gun and your right to vote
  • Restriction of access to your home or children, and sometimes a seriously weakened position in any divorce or custody proceeding
  • A barrier to gaining employment in certain fields
  • Loss of your legal immigration status if you are not a U.S. citizen

2007: State v. Martin: Domestic Battery
Wife calls police and is observed with a goose egg type lump on her forehead. Defense argues that the bump was self-imposed and that Mr. Martin never struck the alleged victim. Furthermore, Mr. Bublitz argued to the jury that the whole charge was fabricated to get full custody of the couples daughter. After catching the alleged victim in a blatant lie, the jury returned a verdict of NOT GUILTY.

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A Caring, Competitive Lawyer Focused on Your Best Interests

I am deeply committed to hearing my clients out and investigating all aspects of each case in pursuit of a favorable outcome - either at trial or through negotiations. I will make your priorities mine and offer the full benefit of my experience in dealing with your domestic violence case. To tell me your story and begin exploring viable legal options, call 208-344-5500 anytime or e-mail our domestic violence lawyer today for a prompt response.